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“Nothing without Joy “ Loris Malaguzzi

Joyful Learning

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Chatswood Early Centre – Magnolia Cottage, where joy and collaboration shape the foundation of our vibrant learning community. Our philosophy revolves around creating an environment where children, families, and educators unite to nurture each child’s well-being and learning. Guided by the constructivist theories of Vygotsky and influenced by significant early education philosophies like the REA (Reggio Emilia Approach) and Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, we believe in the immense potential, creativity, and knowledge that every child possesses. At our center, children co-construct meaning through play, social interaction, and hands-on experiences, fostering an emerging program that is tailored to their unique interests and ideas.

Belonging, Being, and Becoming

Your child’s Journey With Us


Discover a sense of belonging with us, where intentional educational experiences align with the Early Years Learning Framework. This snapshot showcases the warmth and inclusivity that defines our community, fostering a deep connection for every child.


Celebrate the joy of childhood with us, where play is paramount. In this image, witness the transformative process of “being” as children engage fully. Our educators, through reflective practices, ensure that learning experiences align with contemporary perspectives on early childhood development.


Embark on the journey of growth and self-discovery with us, as every child becomes the best version of themselves. This image reflects our commitment to scaffolding learning, empowering children to navigate the world with confidence while instilling a lifelong love for learning

Nurturing Minds

Our Educators

Meet the heart of our learning community—our dedicated and passionate team of educators. Comprising trained professionals, early childhood teachers, artists, co-directors, and preschool developers, each brings a unique essence and commitment to the well-being of children. In our professional environment, we advocate for children, support one another, and engage in continuous reflection and development. Our educators create inspiring learning environments that allow children to express themselves organically. Balancing routine with harmony and flow, we provide enriching resources that empower children to explore and create within a landscape of limitless possibilities.

Parent’s Reviews

Amazing center. My daughter loves the center thanks to the kind and loving teachers!


A gorgeous childcare centre with lots of heart and run with love, care and great spirit. At the forefront of Magnolia daycare, Gilda has the interests of the child. She is caring and organic in her approach to everything.


This centre has a lovely community feel. The centre director Gilda and educators formed part of our 2 y.o.’s extended family, and helped to raise and develop her in so many ways.


My little boy has been attending this centre for over two years. Gilda and all the staff always love him and give him the knowledge, experience and friends he needs to thrive.


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