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Chatswood ELC

Welcome To L’enfant Early Learning Chatswood

On this journey together we intend to create beautiful, harmonious and magical days with your child – filled with love, the arts, nature, nurture, exploration, beauty, discovery, inquiry, inspired learning and all that your child needs to bloom and grow!

Our early learning centres, first established at Crows Nest in 1972, are unique to the families and dedicated teaching practitioners, artists and staff at each preschool. Humble beginnings, hard work, love and passion for what we do, are the strong foundations that embed our values.

Growing Minds Hub

Nurturing Growth and Learning Experiences

Qualified Educators

Our Early Childhood and Primary School Teachers have 4-year university degrees, while our trainee educators hold a Certificate III or Diploma, ensuring expert care and education for your children.

Nutrition Support

We provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late snack, with the option to arrange breakfast for your child’s nutritional needs.

Enriching Experiences

Children engage in excursions and specialist incursion events, offering a dynamic learning environment beyond the classroom.

Seasonal Events

Enjoy various seasonal events like dance performances, an Art Gallery showcase, Graduation for 4-5-year-olds, and classroom-specific end-of-year celebrations.

Transparent Communication

Stay connected with your child’s learning through emailed updates, fostering meaningful conversations on their experiences.

Comprehensive Documentation

We document your child’s learning with photos, writing, film, and art portfolios, accessible on our online parent’s website. We also provide essential supplies for their well-being and education.

Creative Arts Program

Our Creative Arts Philosophy

Our educational programs, inspired by the REA (Reggio Emilia Approach) and Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, prioritize creativity and child-centered methods. Aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards, our flexible curriculum caters to specific age groups (0/1-2’s, 3-4’s, and 4-5’s), integrating structured sessions with open-ended flexibility.

Developed in collaboration with specialist Art, Dance, Music, and Physical Education teachers, our programs emphasize Earth care, nature connection, and interpersonal relationships throughout the learning day. Additionally, we actively foster mixed-aged and family group interactions, recognizing the value of diverse age group environments for collaborative learning and identity co-construction.

Foundations of Learning

Emergent Literacy and Numeracy Program

We’ve crafted an outstanding emergent literacy and numeracy program, curated by our university-trained primary school and early childhood educators, to provide every child with robust foundations for future schooling. Successful literacy and numeracy development involve various steps, including activities like singing, rhyming, and honing the ability to recognize and articulate beginning sounds and phonemes.

Through play, children acquire early pre-literacy and pre-numeracy concepts, fostering a love for books and language. Our approach integrates a parent library and reading program, aligning with holistic and child-centered literacy learning. We cultivate a passion for literature and emphasize the importance of speaking and listening. Within our practice, we seamlessly intertwine play-based methodologies and intentional teaching to promote the development of literacy and numeracy skills.

Parent’s Reviews

Lovely place. My daughter really enjoys the time she spend in there. The staffs are absolutely fantastic. We will come back for my son.


caring teachers with full of passion, professional curriculum, at home like atmosphere. Respectful for diversity and multi cultural background.


Amazing new centre. The staff are exceptionally professional and caring. Our first boy loved it so much we put our second in a little earlier and he loved it too!


Highly recommended! Owner takes care kids with her kind-heart onsite. Very friendly staff. Best in Chatswood region.


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