L’enfant Early Learning Chatswood

Family owned and operated early learning centre. Located at 103 Archer St, Chatswood NSW.

About Us

Chatswood Early Learning Centre

We are thrilled to join you on this stage in your child’s life! Together, we aim to craft beautiful, harmonious, and magical days filled with love, arts, nature, nurture, exploration, beauty, discovery, inquiry, and inspired learning—everything your child needs to bloom and grow.

Our early learning centers, originating in Crows Nest in 1972, are tailored to each family, featuring dedicated teaching practitioners, artists, and staff. Our values are deeply rooted in humble beginnings, hard work, and a passion for what we do.

Arts-Infused Early Learning

Extra-curricular Activities

Arts-Inspired ELC Program

Cutting-edge curriculum fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning through the arts.

Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Drama

Specialized classes enhancing multiple intelligences, promoting self-discovery, confidence, and teamwork.

Language & Sports Based Programs

Children develop linguistic skills while building teamwork and cultural understanding through interactive sports and language exercises.

Our Values

Why Choose us?

Choose us because we value each child’s unique strengths and interests. Prioritizing nutrition, well-being, and positive connections, we foster holistic development through physical education, music, dance, and the arts.

Our harmonious routines and beautiful learning environments create optimal educational opportunities, encouraging each child to thrive.

Our programs, developed with research in mind, are progressive, artistic, and child-centered, employing various teaching strategies to evoke beauty in the learning journey.

Chatswood Early Learning Centre

Our Early Childhood Environment

Nursery, Toddler & Pre-School Rooms

Our center provides engaging and nurturing environments specifically designed for nursery, toddler, and pre-school stages, fostering a holistic approach to early childhood development.

Our Philosophy & Creative Arts Program

Our programs prioritize creative arts and child-centered approaches, incorporating specialist teachers in art, dance, music, and sports for a comprehensive educational experience.

Our Passionate Educators

Our team, including educators, teachers, artists, co-directors, and developers, is dedicated to children’s well-being, supporting each other in advocacy and ongoing professional development.

Our Programs

Enriching Minds and Bodies

Recognizing each child’s unique strengths, development, and interests. We prioritize nutrition, well-being, positive connections, and a supportive environment for holistic growth.

Physical education, music, dance, and the arts contribute significantly to brain development and learning. Harmonious routines and beautiful environments create optimal learning opportunities. Our programs are artistically designed, child-centered, and informed by research in early childhood development.

Parent’s Reviews

Wonderland for children! It was our best luck to find Ms. Gilda’s school. Her passion, her deep knowledge of nursing, of children was the star.


Our little boy has been attending this warm, gorgeous centre for more than a year now (since 10months old… now he’s 25 months old).


Loveliest and warmest teachers. Gilda is always thinking of the whole family. Very lucky to find the daycare and our daughter had the best of time.


Excellent childcare I have been experienced so far. The best and qualified teachers .we are so happy take our twins girl to attend this child care.


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